Great Face-to-Face Meeting on 16 August 2023

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    • 2023-08-16 at 15:59 #163

      Great meeting with S**** and P***** at Palo Alto Cafe. Lots of good discussions. Two topics of particular note:

      • Getting started – how do you get started in this disability “stuff” as a parent? There are 5 areas:
        • School – IEPs and all of that
        • Health Insurance – getting a diagnosis and services
        • State Services – (sigh) dealing with services being stopped at Age 3 (our “delightful” regional centers), self-determination, and moving through the services ladder in California (Regional Center, Medi-Cal referral, IHSS),
        • Financial Planning – Able Accounts, Special Needs Trusts and other estate planning, making sure your disabled child is poor 🙁 …
        • Community and Organizations – not really discussed, but important – connecting with other parents and parent groups, and tapping support organizations
      • “General Ed First” – we need to think of our kids as general ed kids first in how we interact with schools and not rely on the IEP process for everything

      … this gave me an idea for a “Fast Start” email course for new special ed parents! Hmmmm

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