Great Face-to-Face Meeting on 30 August 2023

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    • 2023-08-30 at 16:11 #171

      It was great meeting with J**, F**, and V** today. There were a whole lot of topics discussed:

      • CO2 levels in classrooms can affect learning (and behavior) – (this one was unexpected) – a surprisingly serious problem… time for an HVAC upgrade! What is the ventilation like in your classroom? Talk to your teacher! This affects all of us.
      • College opportunities for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities – they are out there. They may not be for everyone, but we should have high expectations for all our kids. (I’ll be sharing more on this.
      • Reading your IEP carefully. Remember, it is what you’ll fall back to if your next IEP isn’t any good.
      • Concerns about lack of escalation planning in cases of extreme student disregulation. The nightmare of law enforcement over-response. This can go, and has gone very, very badly.
      • A review of all of the pieces of the Disability System (School, Health Insurance, the State)… I’m working on pulling this together into a free email course.
      • A review of California’s convoluted Special Education Bureaucracy stemming from the “What is a CAC?” question.
      • A breakdown of all of the different education environments where a disabled student (SWD) can be in school (I was totally ready for this as I’m working on an inclusion report – my spreadsheet is mostly complete, now it is time to write and share!).

      Probably some more things covered! Let me know what I forgot… or if there are things you want to talk about.

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